Tuesday Tune-Up

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The “Tuesday Tune-up” is a weekly gathering for downtown business owners for networking, coffee, refreshments and a 10-25 minute video webinar with Jon Schallert* featuring topics to help you increase your business. This is an initiative of the Economic Restructuring Committee of the Clayton Downtown Development Association, Inc. Please note that topics are subject to change.

WHAT:   ”Tuesday Tune-Up”
WHEN:   Every Tuesday at 8:30 am
WHERE: Historic Wagner House, 121 E First Street (September*)
WHO:      Downtown Clayton Business owners/managers who want to improve & increase their business.

Invest just one hour a week to meet your fellow downtown business owners, learn practices and methods to make your business a destination and more profitable, and how a destination business owner must think differently about their business growth strategy.


09/09/14 – Reevaluating Your Market Place: You’re Thinking Too Small
In this webinar destination marketer Jon Schallert talks about:

  • The importance of expanding your marketplace, rather than settling for it.
  • To see your business, as a Destination, strategically changes how you position it to consumers.
  • How to “map” your new marketplace and define the communities from which consumers can come to your business.
  • How to identify opportunities that are not part of your local demographics who can become viable targets to attract to your business.

09/16/14 – Using the Power of Emotional Intelligence
Shari Frisinger, President of CornerStone Strategies, talks with Jon Schallert about how business owners can develop more effective communication strategies to yield more profitable business results. In this audio interview, Shari discusses:

  • What Emotional Intelligence is
  • How owners emotions impact problem solving and why
  • How emotions and feelings can influence a rational decision
  • Misconceptions about emotions vs. rational thinking in problem solving and decision making
  • When it’s OK for an owner to show they are angry
  • The definition of the emotional brain
  • The role of predictability in our daily interactions
  • What an owner can do when faced with an irate, angry customer
  • What to do with someone who withdraws and becomes very quiet
  • “Amy and Andy” and “fight, flight or freeze” defined
  • How owners can use their emotions to inspire and motivate their employees to work better as a team
  • How to get employees to handle disagreements themselves instead of getting the owner involved

*”Tuesday Tune-Up” rotates meeting locations monthly and will meet at The Wagner House, 121 E Main Street in September!