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The “Tuesday Tune-up” is a weekly gathering at 8:30 am for downtown business owners for networking, coffee, refreshments and a 10-25 minute video webinar with Jon Schallert* featuring topics to help you increase your business. This is an initiative of the Economic Restructuring Committee of the Clayton Downtown Development Association, Inc. Please note that topics are subject to change.

WHAT: ”Tuesday Tune-Up”
WHEN: Every Tuesday at 8:30 am
WHERE: Sherry’s Signature Cheesecakes, 120 E First Street
WHO:     Downtown Clayton Business owners/managers who want to improve & increase their business.

Invest just one hour a week to meet your fellow downtown business owners, learn practices and methods to make your business a destination and more profitable, and how a destination business owner must think differently about their business growth strategy.


10/07/14 – AlignableAlignable is a free social network for local businesses that allows them to connect and collaborate easily to grow their reach.  It makes finding the right local businesses to market with easy, giving you a place to network, market your business alone or in your community.  In this interview, Maureen talks about:

  • Background of how Alignable started
  • How Alignable is the gateway site where you start with your marketing plan
  • How a business gets started with Alignable: Maureen shows you the site and walks thru the registration process
  • Best practices in setting up your Profile
  • Is it important to ahve a gallery of photos in your Profile?
  • The best way to use the Invite Businesses area effectively
  • What a Neighborhood Ambassador is and the advantages of being one
  • How the Promotion page takes content from one’s Facebook page
  • The Group’s Page and how this can be best utilized by a business

10/14/14 – How to Grow Your Independent Business by Telling Your Story Better (Please note: we will meet at Sherry’s Signature Cheesecakes, 120 E Main Street) Bernadette Jiwa, Branding Expert, talks about her books and how you can apply her ideas to grow your independent businesses.  Here are some of the topics discussed in this interview with Jon Schallert:

  • How she became interested in helping companies tell their story better
  • In Bernadette’s 2nd book, The Fortune Cookie Principle: The 20 keys to a great brand story and why your business needs one, she explains why she chose a Fortune Cookie to represent what she wanted to teach
  • When businesses and companies tell their story, they succeed in reaching the customer: “Whoever tells the best story wins”
  • Why people like to “connect with the face behind the brand”
  • The importance of business leaders empowering their employees and why that’s critical to achieve customer loyalty
  • Why a single email can be important to a company’s brand
  • When business owners are thinking about what type of experience they want to deliver to their customers, what the keys are to connecting with them
  • With social networking review sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor, mistakes businesses make when customers have the ability to spread a positive or negative message in minutes
  • Why we’ve been conditioned to believe that the way to succeed is to have an advantage, to be different or better
  • Getting people to BUY IT NOW is far less important than helping them to believe in your product or service for a lifetime
  • What Bernadette means by “Is it time to stop advertising?”
  • How business owners can use Bernadette’s “Difference Model” to their advantage
  • Case Study examples
  • Advice on how independent business owners can immediately improve their marketing power, and connect better with their customers and prospects

10/21/14 – Intro to Social Media for your Business Seminar
(Please note: we will meet at Historic Wagner, 121 E Main Street)

Post!  Comment! Share!  Hashtag!  Tagging! All these words can be confusing in the world of Social Media.  Learn how to utilize these FREE services to boost Google ratings and much more at this 2 hour Intro to Social Media. Kelly Norman, owner/operator of Historic Wagner House will lead the seminar and:

-       You will learn the basic vocabulary and why it is important in today’s business market.

-       Increasing your online presence is more essential than ever before.  Most people under the age of 40 search for companies through social media and rely on social media for buying decisions.

-       Are you relevant on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

-       Are you speaking to your key demographic?

10/28/14 – Small Business Saturday – Downtown Clayton! 
(Please note: we will meet at Sherry’s Signature Cheesecakes, 120 E Main Street) 

Saturday, November 29 is “Small Business Saturday” a national “shop local” campaign that has been embraced by many commercial downtown districts the past couple of years. Over the past couple of years the business owners attending Tuesday Tune-Up conceived the Halloween bag distribution during the Halloween Parade two years ago and the Downtown Gobble Giveaway last year. This year, the concept is to hold a downtown-wide business sidewalk sale, with a breakfast kick-off, live music and a business passport making customers eligible for prizes. Today, the business owners will provide input into the details to move this event forward for November 29. If you’ve got some ideas, please join us at 8:30 am!

11/04/14 - “Getting Free Publicity During the Holidays”
(Please note: we will meet at Sherry’s Signature Cheesecakes, 120 E Main Street)
Jon Schallert discusses ways a small business can receive free publicity – more details to come!

11/11/14 -  “Thrive at Work and Stay Motivated in a High-Demand Schedule”
(Please note: we will meet at Sherry’s Signature Cheesecakes, 120 E Main Street)

In your work day, do you rush to get things done, but still fall behind? Do you ever have so much stress in your business that when you get home, you just collapse? Do you ever want to exercise but never have the time or the motivation to do so? Do you find yourself increasingly unhappy with your daily life as you struggle to find more time?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’ll enjoy this interview with Andy Core, an award-winning thought leader and professional speaker on increasing employee engagement, productivity, and wellness motivation.  Andy helps people thrive at work and in their personal lives by breaking down into simple steps the process that each of us can use to have more personally satisfying lives.  In this interview, Andy discusses:

  • Andy explains why his newest book, “Change Your Day, Not Your Life – A realistic guide to sustained motivation, more productivity and the art of working well”, focuses on changing just a single day:
  • The concept of Motivational Amnesia and what is means.
  • Thrivers, Strivers, and Strugglers; Behavioral Momentum; Environmental Triggers
  • What junk hours are
  • Why people don’t do what they know they should be doing to achieve more happiness and productivity
  • The 3 choices all of us make when it comes to decision-making
  • When you make a vow to change something, it’s more than a single change
  • Why writing down one’s goals is so important
  • Time management technique called Big-Box Management
  • Recommended “mini-patterns” that can have a significant impact on any person’s day
  • How Andy’s Mother used his “Change Your Day” to transform her life
  • How to subscribe to Andy’s email newsletter and take his “Thriver or Struggler” Quiz


 11/18/14 – “Understanding Consumer Behavior and Why They Buy”
(Please note: we will meet at Sherry’s Signature Cheesecakes, 120 E Main Street) Jon Schallert interviews business expert Eric Holtzclaw – More details to come!

“Tuesday Tune-Up” will return on Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at 8:30 am!