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“Tuesday Tune-Up” is a weekly gathering of downtown retail business owners want to learn ways to improve their business and network with other downtown business owners. Included with the networking and discussion, is a video webinar with Jon Schallert, a destination business consultant, featuring a different aspect of developing your business into a destination. This is an initiative of the Economic Restructuring Committee of the Clayton Downtown Development Association, Inc.

WHAT: ”Tuesday Tune-Up”
WHEN: Every Tuesday at 8:30 am
WHERE: My Girlfriend’s Place at Southern Traditions House, 115 E First Street (April)*
WHO: Downtown Clayton Business owners/managers and retail members of the Clayton Chamber of Commerce who want to improve & increase their business!


04/08/14 – Creating the Customer Focused Company That Dares To Be Awesome (Howard Hyden)
Jon Schallert interviews Howard Hyden, President of the Center for Customer Focus, on the specific steps every business can take to gain a competitive advantage by using a customer focus strategy. The following topics are discussed in this interview:

  • What is a customer-focused company?
  • Is customer service the same as customer-focus?
  • Does great customer service give you a strong competitive advantage?
  • How a product-focused company is different
  • “Ask the customer what awesome would be” and then apply this to your business
  • “Dare to be awesome because the rest of the world is average.”
  • Why people on your staff who never interact with customers need to be thinking      about customer-focus
  • Why hours of operation are important when thinking about a customer-centric      operation
  • Is  cutting back hours a good decision when trying to cut expenses?
  • The  importance of age in establishing an awesome customer-focused company
  • The  importance of gender in establishing an awesome customer-focused company
  • Does being a customer-focused company lead to word-of-mouth?
  • The best way to get referrals from customers
  • “Your knowledge can be your competitive disadvantage”

04/15/14 – Building Word-of-Mouth: The Secrets of Testimonial Capturing
A thorough step-by-step guide to capturing customer testimonials. Jon Schallert covers the best way to capture testimonials and how to use them in a marketing plan, all of which leads to increases in word-of-mouth marketing.

04/22/14 – Creating Store Windows to Drive Sales
Jon Schallert shows you the best way to drive traffic and sales using your store windows. This isn’t hard, but so many people do such a bad job of it (and he doesn’t know why!). Topics covered include:

  • What do most windows do?  What are the most common window mistakes?
  • What great windows should do. What key questions should I ask about my window displays?
  • Six window components that work.
  • How to use light successfully.
  • Using the “3 components” of focus.
  • What’s important about a “Backdrop”. What’s the best way to use backdrops?
  • How platforms display product well…How to make a platform for displays
  • Why divide displays into window planes Thinking about windows as “Planes”

04/29/14 – Do’s & Don’ts in Making Donations
Jon Schallert discusses donation best practices of top companies around the country and how to make donations that won’t harm your bottom line while helping out the most deserving charities.

  • What’s the main problem with donation requests? (How to deal with too many      donation requests, too often.)
  • What top businesses in the country are doing with donation requests?
  • What do national chains do for frequent donation requests?
  • What’s the best idea for donation requests from an independent owner? (How to make use of a donation request form.
  • Create sponsorships in order to turn a donation request into a PR opportunity.

05/6/14 – Capitalize on High Traffic & Festivals to Boost Sales (The Wagner)

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How your business can generate revenue from high traffic events, even though they haven’t in the past.
  • How to lure customers in your doors and sort through them to find your very best customers.
  • Why planting for image and ideas are the most important focus during an event
  • How to use database capturing and qualifier questions to find your top  customers.

*”Tuesday Tune-Up” rotates meeting locations monthly and will meet at The Historic Wagner, 121 E Main Street in May and Sherry’s Signature Cheesecakes, 120 E Main Street in June.