Tuesday Tune-Up

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Tuesday Tune-Up

The “Tuesday Tune-up” is a weekly gathering for downtown business owners for networking, coffee, refreshments and a 10-25 minute video webinar with Jon Schallert* featuring topics to help you increase your business.  This is an initiative of the Economic Restructuring Committee of the Clayton Downtown Development Association, Inc. Please note that topics are subject to change.

WHAT:   ” Tuesday Tune-Up”
WHEN:     Every Tuesday at 8:30 am
WHERE:   My Girlfriend’s Place, 115 E First Street (August*)
WHO:        Downtown Clayton Business owners/managers who want to improve & increase their business.

Invest just one hour a week to meet your fellow downtown business owners, learn practices and methods to make your business a destination and more profitable, and how a destination business owner must think differently about their business growth strategy.


08/05/14 – Using Humor In the Workplace: Create a Stronger Business and Better Team
Michael Kerr, Humor in the Workplace Expert, explains how to use humor in your business to reduce stress and increase success. Jon Schaallert discusses the following topics with Michael:

  • What “leading with laughter” and having “humor in the workplace” means.
  • Practicing Safe Workplace Humor.
  • How Humor at Work makes dollars.
  • Teams that laugh together, stay together.
  • Ways that Humor can enhance customer service.
  • How business cards can be used to spread humor.
  • How to bring humor into a meeting environment.
  • Specific successful examples of how companies incorporate humor into their businesses.
  • Great tips on “You Can’t Be Serious Humor Cards” that give owners ideas to incorporate humor into their business.
  • Key recommendations for the business owners who want to incorporate more humor into their business environment.

08/12/14 – Using Discount Marketing without Killing Your Profit
It’s easy to use discount marketing – you just don’t make any money. Webinar objectives are:

  • The laws of discount marketing: If you don’t follow them, bad things can happen.
  • Current best practices.
  • The new trends that are happening in discounting.
  • Why it’s really not to your advantage these days to be using these.

08/19/14 – GUEST: Lisa Stark, USH Advisors – Medical Insurance for Small Business Owners
Lisa Stark is an agent with USH Advisors. Topics will include:

  • What should small business owners look for when shopping for medical insurance for themselves and their employees

08/26/14 – Solving Problems & Ideas With Pictures
Jon Schallert interviews Dan Roam, author of The Back of the Napkin. Dan explains how business owners can use visual thinking to solve complex problems and clearly convey their ideas to others. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why visual thinking is important to business owners
  • Why visual thinking is going to be the future of business problem solving
  • Why a napkin is better than a computer for sharing ideas
  • The neurological perspective and science of pictures is explained
  • What you will need with you to do visual thinking
  • Advantages of sharing and drawing pictures with others
  • How any problem can be solved using drawing and visual thinking

*”Tuesday Tune-Up” rotates meeting locations monthly and will meet at My Girfriend’s Place, 115 E First Street in August and The Wagner House, 120 E Main Street in September!