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The “Tuesday Tune-up”  is a weekly gathering at 8:30 am for downtown business owners for networking, coffee, refreshments and a 10-30 minute video webinar with Jon Schallert featuring topics to help you increase your business.  This is an initiative of the Economic Restructuring Committee of the Clayton Downtown Development Association, Inc. Please note that topics are subject to change.

WHAT:            ”Tuesday Tune-Up”
WHEN:            Every Tuesday at 8:30 am
WHERE:         My Girlfriend’s Place, 115 E First Street
WHO:             Downtown Clayton Business owners/managers who want to improve & increase
their business.

Invest just one hour a week to meet your fellow downtown business owners, learn practices and methods to make your business a destination and more profitable, and how a destination business owner must think differently about their business growth strategy.


01/06/15 – How to Topple the Goliath in Your Industry
When Stephen Denny wrote “Killing Giants”, he decided to document the techniques that companies use to make big revenue increases.  During this webinar, Stephen talks about small companies persevering over impossible odds, overcoming being the underdog while being in the shadow of a giant competitor. Some of the things Stephen discusses are:

  • What he means by “less is the new normal”
  • Why his book, “Killing Giants” is not a book on business theory
  • Lesson that can help a smaller competitor take on a goliath company: taking the giant to “thin ice”
  • Why it’s important to “act like a local”
  • Examples of how speed works to a smaller company’s advantage
  • What he means by “Winning in the last 3 feet”
  • Why “Polarizing on Purpose” is such a great strategy
  • Why entrepreneurs and small business leaders should have the confidence to move boldly forward without always worrying about what the giant is going to do

01/13/15 – Effective Check-Out Areas That Create Lasting Impressions
Learn how to turn your checkout area, the place where customers make their final purchasing transactions, into an area that causes customers to want to return to your business, again and again.  Those watching this webinar will also learn:

  • Why most checkout areas deliver minimum impact
  • Why checkout areas are critically important
  • Why this applies to businesses that are not retail stores
  • How to spot an ineffective checkout area
  • See the best practices examples of effective checkout areas
  • How to create a checkout area that create additional sales after the customer leaves

01/20/15 – Understanding Consumer Behavior and Why They Buy

Eric Holtzclaw, Consumer Behavior Expert, talks his book “Laddering: Unlocking the Potential of Consumer Behavior” and how to know what your customers really want so you can apply this knowledge to improve your bottom line in your business.  In this interview, Eric discusses:

  • What “laddering” is and why it’s so important today
  • How to know what your customers really want
  • The “True Patterns” of why people buy
  • Why the core of a consumer’s buying habits rarely change
  • Why consumers don’t buy some new services or new products business owners create
  • How to apply the concepts of his book it improve the bottom line in your business
  • Understanding the consumer’s behavior and motivators
  • The importance of using social media to communicate with your customers
  • Why the Coca Cola Freestyle machine represents what consumers want today

01/27/15 – Five Tips to Become an Expert
Podcast with retail expert Matthew Hudson delivering 5 Tips for making your retail store the recognized expert in your town.
1. Merchandise
2. Signage
3. Highly-trained People
4. Education
5. Blog