Permits & Applications

Visit the Town Municipal Code website to view the zoning code or Unified Development Code (UDC).

There are a number of projects and processes that require permits or approvals, including:

  • Starting a new business
  • New development
  • Subdivision of land
  • Modifying a building (commercial or residential)
  • Putting up a fence
  • Installing a sign


  • Not sure where to begin? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions or, just give us a call at 919-553-5002
  • Want to find out the deadline to submit? Check out our 2021 Submittal and Meeting Calendar
  • Do I have to go before Town Council? Review our Application Process Document (PDF)
  • Want to determine the construction utility fees should your proposal be approved? Please contact Clayton's engineering department for an estimate of these fees
  • Need a fence, shed, or garage permit? It's all in our Accessory Structure Guide Sheet (PDF)

Applications, Forms & Permits

All the applications and permits you need - at your finger tips! Many things that need to be done in our community need a form or a permit.

Please note: We will not accept any documents unless they are in PDF format only. Please do not submit pictures of applications or site plans.