Why take on this program now? 

The current water reclamation facility is not designed to meet future treatment requirements and the site is too small to accommodate a major upgrade or expansion. The current facility will be used as long as feasible to minimize costs associated with building new facilities.

How much will this program cost?

                The total cost of the program will be excess of $230M.

Will this project increase wastewater rates? 

Rates will increase with or without this project. According to local and national research, no community is escaping the rising cost of treating wastewater. Neighboring communities such as Raleigh and Johnston County are also increasing rates due to the need for improved and expanded facilities to replace aging infrastructure.

How much will rates increase? 

Rates are reviewed and adjusted by Town Council as part of the budget process. All efforts are being made to minimize rate increases and to spread increases over time.

Are developers and businesses paying their fair share of the costs? 

Yes. The Town does not subsidize any class or type of customers. State statutes now restrict the amount of money municipalities can charge developers, however, we do have out-of-town customers who pay higher out-of-town rates.

Why can’t we send our wastewater to another community for treatment? 

The Town currently has agreements with Johnston County and Raleigh to treat some of our wastewater. However, these communities have their own treatment and capacity challenges. Both communities are also increasing rates. The Town will continue to maintain the agreements and positive relationships but ultimately is responsible for the future of our own wastewater treatment.

Compared to the old facility, will the new facility be better for the environment? 

Yes, the new facility will be equipped with more modern processes and equipment than the current facility. All state and federal environmental requirements, both now and reasonably expected in the future, will be met. The Town has completed an extremely rigorous permitting process.

How long will it take to build the new facility? 

Typically, a project of this size and complexity takes 4 to 5 years from engineering through construction and start-up. There is also associated pipeline infrastructure that is being designed and constructed to convey flows to the new facility.

How will construction impact the general public? 

The site is located in a wooded area near the Neuse River. An access road has been built to accommodate construction traffic from Covered Bridge Road. The project will also impact a portion of the Clayton River Walk on the Neuse Greenway in the vicinity of the existing Neuse 2 Pump Station.