Direct Payment

Convenient Direct Payment Now Available

The Town of Clayton works with hundreds of vendors to help provide top services to citizens. We're always looking for ways to make sure payments from the Town are received by vendors in a fast, safe, reliable way. So that's why we're excited to offer our new convenient Direct Payment option that can save vendors time and money and reduce the risk of lost or fraudulent checks.

Money is transferred through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network, a secure payment transfer system that connects all U.S. financial institutions and processes billions of payments every year for everyone from the Federal Reserve to Visa. The funds go directly into vendor bank accounts, eliminating the need to send checks by mail and wait for bank processing. Federal banking regulations provide protection for these electronic payments, making them safe and reliable. You can find more information on those rules here.

Take advantage of this Direct Payment option and help reduce errors, speed things up and save resources! Sign up for Direct Payment is easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. A voided checkComplete this authorization form (PDF). It's easy and fillable online!
  2. Make a copy of a voided check.
  3. Send an email with both the completed form and voided check attached.

If you have any questions about the direct payment process, please Contact Town of Clayton Finance Director Robert McKie. 

  1. Robert McKie

    Finance Director