Downtown Parking

Town Owned Public Parking

The following lots are owned and maintained by the Town of Clayton. They are available to the public for free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Town Hall Parking lot - 111 E Second St [5 ADA spots here]
  • Town Square Parking lot – 110 W. Main St. (Intersection of Main and Fayetteville St.) [2 ADA spots here]
  • Horne Square Parking lot - 348 E Main Street (Intersection of Main and Lombard) [1 ADA spots here]
  • Horne Street Parking Lot - corner of Horne St. and Barbour St. [1 ADA spot here]

 Public-Private Partnership Parking Public Parking Symbol

The following lots are available during the indicated time/date thanks to the partnership of the local property owner. Parking is free at each lot listed below, but time and date of availability vary. All lots have a 12 hour maximum and towing is enforced at the vehicle owner’s expense, at the property owner’s discretion. All spots in the lot that are open for public parking will be marked with a blue and white public parking symbol. Any parking spot without this symbol is not available for public parking.

  • Upper North section of the lot at 421 E Second St. (Clayton Square) – Available 24/7
  • 442 E Main St (First Federal Bank) – Available Monday through Friday 6PM to 6AM, Saturday and Sunday 24/7
  • 205 W Main St (True Line Surveying) - Available Monday through Friday 6PM to 6AM, Saturday and Sunday 24/7

Parking Map

parking map

The Mayor’s Downtown Parking Taskforce

The goal of the Downtown Parking Taskforce is to: Activate the capacity of private lots for public use, Improve communication to the public, business owners and their employees about the lots that already exist AND work to change the culture of parking in Clayton, Ensure pedestrians have safe and convenient access to and from parking lots and around downtown AND explore other motorized or non-motorized ways to get around town, and enhance enforcement of existing pedestrian and parking laws AND consider new strategies in the future such as time limited parking for on-street and key public lots.

The following volunteers have been involved with the Mayor’s Downtown Parking Taskforce since Summer 2021. Thanks to their dedication and efforts, additional parking has been secured as a resource for our community and Downtown visitors.

  • Mayor Jody McLeod
  • Ruth Anderson
  • Emily Beddingfield
  • Jim Perricone
  • Russell Ragland
  • Michael Straus
  • Christi Thompson
  • Sharon Whitley